Tiredness and exhaustion? We will give you advice, which vitamins and minerals can help you.

Many people complain about tiredness and exhaustion. But it is not always very difficult to feel better. You can fight against the loss of energy….

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Joints and the musculoskeletal system: how does the joint nutrition help?

The base for healthy joints is the healthy cartilage, therefore it is worth to nourish it well.  Imagine the engine in your car, which needs a….

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Drinking regime – the base for a healthy lifestyle and active life

Adding liquids to the body is a must for everyone and not only on hot summer days. The human body is made of water from 60 to 75 % and we lose….

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Joints and the musculoskeletal system: Why does it hurt and how to help it?

To the musculoskeletal system of the human being belong bones, joints and muscles. The most often affected part are usually joints. According to the….

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VITAR abroad: International Trade Show in The Netherlands and training of Iraquis in Lebanon

Also in this year VITAR participated in the trade „World of Private Label“ in Amsterdam, which is the largest event of its kind in Europe. Our….

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