Let’s go skiing! And what should you not forget? Well, vitamins – we will tell you which to take...

There is a lot of snow in the mountains right now and many people are going to enjoy it. No matter what your plans are – either skiing or cross….

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New Year’s Body Detox will help. How can you do it?

Sweets, sandwiches, heavy meals, but also sugar-sweetened or alcoholic beverages. All these things are connected with the end of the year, because it….

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NEW PRODUCTS MaxiVita Exclusive: For your bones and teeth, muscles and for the reduction of tiredness and exhaustion

Two extra strong new products from the MaxiVita Exclusive line have finally reached the market – MaxiVita Exclusive Calcium + magnesium + zinc forte+….

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Zinc: small quantity, great benefit

Zinc belongs among trace minerals, which means that it is an element, which our organism needs for correct development only in small quantity. But….

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NEW PRODUCT for your immunity: MaxiVita Immunity Boost Forte+

A natural extract from sea buckthorn fruits, vitamin C and the mixture of nucleotides. These ingredients are contained in another new autumn product….

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